the same but different…

It’s kind of like groundhog day to work each year for UNIDEE, especially if you also have experienced it yourself before as an artist in residence. A lot of the same group activities, a tour of michelangelo’s works, a visit to a lanificio (woolmill)…the fact that everyone starts off loving the food here, but eventually they will probably end up complaining a lot about it!…the way friendship and camaraderie is created at warp speed (everything is faster and every experience is heightened when you live, breathe, eat, work and socialise with the same people in the same place for 4 months…)It is incredible how the same situations with different participants can create sometimes weirdly similar scenarios while at the same time be completely different…like i said, the same but different…

a tour of his own works by Michelangelo Pistoletto…he must have said the same things a thousand times or more by now and yet he is still enthusiastic, still trying to change the world and still trying to enthuse and activate others to change it too…i can’t help but admire that.

the man himself between 2 early self portraits

part of division and multiplication of the mirror series

segno arte

self portrait with stars

rotazione dei corpi (rotation of heavenly bodies)

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