Always have to blog after visiting the Lanificio (wool mill) Zegna in Trivero, even though i have been there a hundred times or more, it’s always a treat to visit the workings of a fully functioning wool mill, especially one that is 100 years old…We take the UNIDEE residents here to try to contextualise the area a little, as the textile industry defined the landscape we live in.

Very weird to see all the installations (also housed within the factory complex, see here) i designed for the HabitusZegna have been moved around. Spent 3 years of my life working on this, designing all the elements site specifically and in a kind of dialogue with one another, and now it’s all been changed…Some of it works quite well and some of it is not so great…kind of hurt a little to see it…

The Bacheca installation was created as a site specific mini archive. It was realised in proportions and forms that related to the architecture that surrounded and in dialogue with another in situ piece,  it now it has been moved one floor up and for me at least does not work so well…

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