emilia telese über art proffessional…

It’s the 3rd year we have invited Emilia Telese, Italian born, UK based artist and professional practice expert to come to UNIDEE and run workshops on professional practice for artists. I really like her workshops, they are always concrete and useful and perfect for anyone having an art-organisational-crisis!

Emilia breaks down the reality for us as artists on necessary evils such as how to operate within the art system effectively when applying for funds/grants/project submission…She talks about fundraising and about the do’s and dont’s of a good artists statement, sounds simple but all my good intentions tend to go out of the window as soon as i start to write a statement. Some things to bear in mind…

A statement is NOT a bio, but instead the philosophy of your work
A statement is NOT a marketing pitch, no emphatic pitching please!
Avoid vague jargon and express your concept clearly (to quote E. T. no ” my work is about memory and identity” please!!!

Also for sure its a good idea for a few critical friends to pick at your statement before you send it off…

She also recommends “Career Suicide” Alistair Gentry

Incidentally and ironically i stumbled across  the “Arty Bollocks Generator”  a month ago, it automatically generates artists statements full of art jargon that say and mean nothing! anyone wanting a laugh should check it out…

Mind mapping as an exercise in visualising your art project holistically

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