moving stories…

One of the best things about living in Biella is the industrial landscape, beautiful, crumbling old factory spaces abound.  Last night i got to enter an new, old space; an old factory up the hill in Cossila, has opened up as a new temporary art space.

These ex industrial spaces with huge dramatic interiors and peeling walls are tailor made for this kind of video projection, the show is impressive…especially considering we are somewhat off the beaten path. Walk uphill for about half an hour towards Oropa on a winding road with no pavement (in the dark!) and eventually you will get there…

Moving Stories – a travelling exhibition.  Six new works are presented by  six partners in their countries (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria France and Poland) throughout 2011. Participating artists are Candice Breitz, MASBEDO, Mihai Grecu, Nicolas Provost, Paweł Janicki and Rainer Gamsjäger.

4 responses to “moving stories…

  1. I like a lot old industrial buildings transformed in art space too… I feel that the building itself becomes un exposed objet telling memories, traces, etc. Thanks for your post!!

    • Thanks! i agree. The Biella province is full of the most stunning architecture, a little is being restored (maybe too rigorously) but a lot of it is crumbling away. If someone had the mind to it would make a great location for industrial archaeology tours…

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