my “i imposter”

Still inside the Giardini…this time in the British pavilion am posting about the  I Imposter installation by Mike Nelson, a labyrinth of of rooms, corridors, spaces, attics, corners…I know he has done this sort of thing before…but really in this environment (and in view of some pretty mediocre neighbours – including a super banal Boltanski-by-numbers installation in the neighbouring French pavilion) it stood out both conceptually and formally…and it was fun too. I guess you can experience it a thousand different ways, here are the spaces where i lingered:

It took three months to transform the neo-classical box that is the Great Britain Pavilion featuring 2ft-thick walls, 3,000-odd square feet of exhibition space and a 30ft-high ceiling. Nelson set himself the task of “making it disappear“…

Meanwhile in the Czech and Slovak Republic pavilion, Dominik Lang’s The Sleeping City where he intervenes on soviet era works by his sculptor father (Jiří Lang, 1927–1996)…

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giardini – catch that pigeon

pavilions inside gardens inside the biennale

my “i imposter”

stars of track and field we are

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