beauty and the beer factory…

A break from the Biennale and back to Biella and 2 recent trips we made with the UNIDEE residency…

What can i say, life is sometimes not so bad! On this day we visited the factory of the marvellous Menabrea beer, situated right here in Biella. Founded in 1846…

Meanwhile another trip sees us heading to Castello di Rivoli (near Turin) and the contemporary art collection there.

The gallery holds on to the arcane notion of no photographs being allowed inside the permanent collection, eventually i wrestle permission to take them only for the institutional blog i keep for the UNIDEE residence itself, click here to see them. Otherwise am posting one sneakily in here (until someone tells me to take it down!)

The work by Goshka Macuga is called The Nature of the Beast and revolves around the original painting of Picasso’s Guernica presented at the Whitechapel Gallery in London in 1939 and the placement and role of the tapestry at the United Nations HQ in NYC from 1985 to 2009.

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