elvis and overeating…

Half way up a mountain (again) on the way to the sanctuary of  Oropa, and past Cosilla (see previous post), i find myself in the restaurant known as Una Franca, in the small village of Favaro. Am here because of a friend knows about my twin loves of all things kitsch and good food…

(yes that is garlic nailed to the front door – top left)

You don’t choose what to eat in Una Franca…they just bring you stuff…and they keep bringing it…a lot of it, till in the end you fear that rather like Elvis (the restaurant’s main iconic point reference) you may well die from over eating…

In total they brought us 10 different courses, 6 of antipasti (and this is piedmontese cuisine so it is delicious but NOT LIGHT) Plates of gnocchi fritti with lardo (a kind of deep fried bread pocket with cured rosmary infused fatty ham) all manner of salamis, plates of peppers, courgettes, salads…and we are still on the starters!!!

then comes the pasta course, a heavenly plate of hand made Agnolotti (typical piedmontese little ravioli stuffed with roasted meat)…

and then the meat course – 2 different slowly cooked meat dishes infused alternatively with funghi and cheese…

at this point i am nearly dying when the pudding comes…a pear sponge, moist and aromatic, and little home made biscuits that we eat with sweet passita wine…

i am now officially dying drugged and drunk with food. You can only do this sort of thing around once a year…maybe every 2 years…elvis has left the building…

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2 responses to “elvis and overeating…

  1. You’re right, you don’t choose what to eat at Una Franca. That’s why I hate that place, you literally have no choice in what to eat. In my personal case, I like gnocchi, but I hate parsley, so, when I was told that I would be served gnocchi with parsley, I asked if I could have them without parsley. The answer: “NO, BECAUSE THEY WOULDN’T BE GNOCCHI WITH PARSLEY OTHERWISE!”

    • ha, that’s funny my friend also had a problem as she refused the agnolotti course, because she does not like them…she was severely chastised for this…over several courses. HOWEVER, i like pretty much everything so the somewhat “fascistic” food policy does not bother me…but is is..somewhat fascistic…thanks for the comment!!

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