the journey…

Am in Medelin!! Lord of the rings style journey to get here…24 hours in all:

Just to leave Biella was hard, they cancelled my train…Then a delightful overnight stay in Linate airport to catch the red eye to Paris. In Paris airport they exploded an unattended bag using a robot…they did not tell us they were doing so…they just stopped us walking around for a bit…needless to say we were somewhat traumatised by the LOUD, unexplained explosion…Then an 11 hour flight to Bogota…

(gratuitous shots of airline food)

…then you have to pick up all your baggage, put it through customs, re-check in amid chaos and a LOT of people…and then finally you can board your final flight to Medellin…

The flight between Bogota and Medellin is wonderful, you see the the mountainous fertile landscape of Colombia all the way…

(leaving behind the urban sprawl of bogota)

I land exhausted and disorientated…i ate may dinner at 9 am for god’s sake!!! I finally come out of arrivals and no one is there to meet me…i have a minor internal freak out as i realise that A. i don’t know where i am going, B. If i did l know i wouldn’t know how to actually get there, C. Neither my Italian nor British cells work in Colombia and D. i have no Colombian pesos to use a public phone…arghhhhh

A nearby guard takes pity on me (thank god i can speak Spanish) and gives me coins to use the phone and shows me how to use the phone (i am too stupid from sleep deprivation to work this out) RESULT! my friend is waiting for me at the airport, he is just at a different part. He turns up and the guard who helped me glares at him unimpressed..!We drive through hairpin bends for 40 minutes to reach the basin of Medellin, sunset and home for the next few weeks…


4 responses to “the journey…

  1. my goodness, i try to avoid plane food but it looks like they gavr you a meal and a half!

  2. WOW!! what a journey…I hope the next chapter runs smoother..CUIDATE!!!

    • Thanks S. Just about getting used to this different (more safety conscious way to be) but v excited for the project. We begin in earnest next week.

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