celebrations and headless priests…

…Early morning start, it takes us 40 minutes to get to the cultural centre in Moravia where our workshops are based…

School kids from the barrio celebrating…who knows what, and don’t ask me about the headless priest…apparently its a relatively common iconography here…to be investigated further…

Meanwhile inside we try to thrash out our programme and try to work out how we can keep the kids and the equipment safe in an area which although much improved is still highly problematic…The cultural centre is very well equipped with a lot of security and even then things go missing, we have been told to keep our belongings with us at all times. The situations of the girls we will work with are complex. For example we had hoped that eventually they could have taken home some of the video cameras for some overnight assignments, but this is apparently impossible as they live in very crowded situations sharing with many people so there is no way they can guarantee the safety of the cameras…but this is all part of the process and we are trying to find ways around this…

The cultural centre of Moravia is incredibly used by the community, it is a cacophony of sounds and music, kids everywhere, dance and music, babies, mums, noise NOISE NOISE!!!

The city keeps crawling on up the surrounding hills, all illegal builds…apparently up there it is still pretty dangerous.

Money is funny…am hugely confused by the currency situation  here…50,000 Colombia pesos comes to 20 Euros…yikes. You don’t take money out of a cash machine on the street, its not safe…but you can do it inside a mall…but you should walk around for a bit inside and never go straight out after withdrawal…

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