the workshop begins…

So people in Colombia have a different concept of time than i am used to…things get done…but slowly…or mañana…HOWEVER the workshop has began!!!!We have girls and women participating from ages 12 till 27.

(the girls are a bit of a tough crowd at first but we get them using the equipment almost immediately so they soon warm up)

So with the morning’s class we got the girls filming straight away using small flip cameras. We get them to ask simple questions such as “what did you have for breakfast?”…turns out a lot of them did not have breakfast.

With the afternoon’s class we repeated the exercise with new girls asking “what did you have for lunch?” turns out a lot of them did not have lunch…We are trying to get the centre where we are based to provide them with a little food at least.

(outside – more film exercises)

The girls asked each other their own questions in interviews like “who do you live with?” most of them live with big extended families but mostly no father and in fact few males other than brothers and many don’t know who their father is. One woman told us she shares a 5 room house with 17 other family members. Some have already filmed some very polished little clips. Next we are going to show them how to edit these. The cultural centre has film and video equipment that the girls will be able to use once we are gone. Hopefully at least a few of the most enthusiastic girls will be able to become trainers and pass on their skills…


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