the perils of editing…

It’s a little stressful working in the cultural centre…we have a lot of desirable and expensive equipment for the workshop so we can never leave the place alone. Only 3 of us in the whole building have access to the one key for the room. A young male tries to enter with a flimsy excuse meanwhile he scans the room taking in all our equipment…all part of the day but on to the good stuff…

Editing with the girls, for some of them it’s their first time on a computer. Some are incredibly enthusiastic and hungry for knowledge, they pick things up really fast and come up with great editing solutions…will post some of their work as soon as i can…

Meanwhile the under 20’s world cup is going on here in Medellin, people crowd around any available screen…

Moravia was built out on and around an old rubbish dump. Big old trucks transport it in and out and a lot of recycling businesses still remain around the area.

The pollution in this town is the worst i have ever encountered, buses and trucks belch acrid black smoke into the air that catches in the back of your throat…


2 responses to “the perils of editing…

  1. another peril of editing… they may be new to using a PC, but look how they are sitting, they have already adopted that spine-harming posture that we so easily get into when we are typing at a screen. And if that’s you in the middle in the first picture, you are as bad as me. Do your neck and shoulders ever ache after a day of editing?

    • That’s not me, it’s the other artist i am running the course with, but we both do that and yes, my neck and shoulders ache at the end of the day! Guilty as charged!!

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