on their knees at the mall…

(the bus to Poblado)

Well you always need to experience all sides of the city so…i go to see the other side of Medellin, the high security, fancy schmancy area of Poblado in the equally fancy El Tesoro mall, it’s Sunday, yet not many people are about…where are they all? i wonder. I soon found out…

No it’s not a sequence from Dawn of the Dead…those people are all congregated in one spot worshipping mass, en mass, in the mall amongst the (open) shops, on Sunday… literally on their knees in the mall with priest, stage, PA and all…. Not sure why, there are plenty of perfectly functional churches around but i guess the rich folks of Medellin don’t want to leave the mall (…it’s a very nice mall)…it was very surreal. God comes to the mall…be afraid…

The view from El Tesoro:

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