firemen and le corbusier…

Only Michelangelo could find a location like this…we are in Bordeaux for the opening few days of Evento, the Biennale of Bordeaux of which Michelangelo Pistoletto is the Artistic Director. It is a city wide event, a huge undertaking and has taken up a whole year of planning and curating. So anyway…as i said, only Michelangelo could find a location like this…

It was built by the school of Le Corbusier, and it is a fire station, flats for the firemen and a training school for firemen all in one.

Here Pistoletto has had his HQ and temp living quarters for a year. It’s fantastically surreal. As you go up the 1st 2 floors you can find fire men in training, climbing up, through and down, in and out of windows…

…and even better on each floor of flats there is a fireman’s pole to get you down to the next one…marvellous…

and this is the view of the Garonne River from the balconies:

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