Evento – Art for an Urban Re-Evolution – Bordeaux 6-16 October…all free, if you can get there you should go!

There are works and interventions all over the city, but as a group show i really liked this one…In the spectacular setting of the Lainè’s Warehouse now the contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux:

Marjetica Potrc – Shotgun House with Rainwater-Harvesting tank – A type of house that spread from the Caribbean to New Orleans and beyond…

Michal Heiman – Attacks on Linking

Mladen Astilnovic – An Artist Who Cannot Speak English is No Artist

…think i know this one…Michelangelo Pistoletto – Donna chi Disegna

…hugely disturbing but utterly compelling was a work compiled by artist Erzen Shkololli – hundreds of postcards drawn by children in a refugee’s camp after the war in former Yugoslavia. Erzen worked with the children as an artist trying to normalise the experiences they went through…

First Shot – a film by Danica Dakic

For more on the individual artists click here for their entries on the Evento site…

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