evento #2

…So the very next day i tried again with the submarine base (see previous post) and this time i found it open.

Inside was a sound installation by David Sheppard (again part of the Evento programme)…the space inside is highly atmospheric;  a huge, monumental concrete cavern with channels for water and acoustics to match,

…built in 1943 to withstand heavy bombing…today it is used for occasional concerts and events…i am completely in love with it…I filmed a little and you can hear some of the David Sheppard sound installation in the background:

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4 responses to “evento #2

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  2. Nice pictures. I am a sucker for anything WWII related so you get a thumbs up from this blogger.

    • Thanks M! my first time anywhere quite like that, the monumental solidness of the place gives you an idea of just how much of a beating it was built to take. Scary stuff!
      Ta for the comment. Mvp

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