evento out, about and beyond…

Other interventions around the city…Inside the completely brilliant Capucins Market…there were numerous interventions, workshops, games…but actually the market is so good, you don’t need any of that. If you are in Bordeaux, it is definitely work a visit…and you can eat really well there too.

Bang on a Can – performed Brian Eno’s Music for Airports one chilly evening to great effect, replacing the original electronic composition with more varied instrumentation…

Not part of Evento i guess but i liked it very much anyway – shop window with etching…

The self-sustaining “House on the Water,” an installation at Evento, by the Opéra Pagaï company is real but temporary and inhabited by actors. Complete with solar panels, chickens, goats, a vegetable plot, water filters and fishing nets:

Occupying 300m squared, for the period of the biennale, the company portray la famille Laborde, here is their blog (in french).

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