deconstructing constructions…

Beautiful work by Chinese artist Song Dong…Four artists were invited by curator Bice Curiger to create ‘para-pavilions.’ These large site-specific structures are designed to host works by other artists, in order to break up the expansive ‘illuminations’ exhibition. The artist de-constructed his family home in order to create this work…

This made me smile…Artist Lateefa Bint Maktoum at the United Arab Emirates pavilion – think she might be their answer to Jack Vettriano!

Installations by Monica Bonvicini

Yang Maoyuan’s ‘all things are visible

China always seems to show in this space… When i asked a Chinese artist friend about his opinion on the work by Yang Maoyuan, he was hugely dismissive saying it was government art by a government artist…so there you go!

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giardini – catch that pigeon

pavilions inside gardens inside the biennale

my “i imposter”

stars of track and field we are

biennale supermarket

l’arte non è cosa nostra

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