l’arte non è cosa nostra…

So to address the Sgarbi issue (see previous post) ‘cos you could not really avoid it…here is a tiny fraction of his art vomitorium…

HOWEVER…there were amazing things even in this ill conceived mish mash…

Le Cene di san Giuseppe Folk art from Salemi – offerings made from baked salt dough…

…and outside of the Arsenale and Giardini venues…

…a rather marvellous instalation by Koen Vanmechelen  – Born in Venice
a contemporary manifestation on the borderline of art and science at the Palazzo Loredan…

other posts on the venice biennale 2011 in this blog

giardini – catch that pigeon

pavilions inside gardens inside the biennale

my “i imposter”

stars of track and field we are

biennale supermarket

deconstructing constructions

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