walking to gannavaram…

Am back in India, back to Andhra Pradesh and the orphanage and school where i run creative labs for kids and young people…for the third year now…. Right now am overwhelmed by jet-lag and that now familiar fierce heat and humidity that prevails. This year i am really pushing computers (creatively of course!) and especially to the girls in my class, but more of that later, right now i have a few days to acclimatise and to plan my classes…

…i walk to Gannavaram, it’s the nearest town about 5 or 6 km away, i go with a volunteer who is treating 8 small boys to an outing.

they were sitting like that – mirror poses of one another…the stall belongs to the lady in blue…

We walk in fierce heat and are mindful of the monkeys, buffalo, auto-rickshaws, lorries, buses, motorbikes…we are in the countryside but this is Indian countryside and there are a LOT of people around…

requested portrait…yay!

time to head home…

Sun is getting lower, we have an hour of walking ahead of us…and i don’t fancy doing it in the dark (around 6pm here)…so we head home.

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