10 stones and DIY games…

Am slightly devastated because this year am in a different home, the orphanage where i live and work is divided into houses  according to age and gender. For 2 years i lived in Luisiana home with small girls, of 3 to 7 years. Now i am in Rena home with an older group who are lovely, but I MISS MY LITTLE ROOM MATES!! Here are some girls from Rena home, older girls from maybe 11 to 14 years – a lot of them are in my school classes. The girls play this a lot…The game of 10 Stones…see the video…i am completely rubbish at it but am practising…

…meanwhile smaller girls chalk out their own game of snakes and ladders on the floor, they use stones for counters and another stone that they chalk numbers onto for dice…

…and why is it that small girls like to play at sweeping ??? this lot were fighting over the broom!


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