looking in the mirror

I give the kids a small mirror each and ask them to make a drawing of themselves. Last year i asked them to do so from memory and i wanted to see how different it would be if they actually had to scrutinise their own faces for any length of time.

Firstly they really enjoyed it, both the girls and the boys really looked at themselves closely and visibly liked looking at their expressions. Life is so communal here that there is not much time for the self i guess.  The results were really great. I particularly liked it when they managed to make accurate likenesses while still adding a little fantasy. Sai for example (whom i have taught for 3 years now) did this amazing Julian Opie style drawing and gave himself blonde hair and blue eyes…

Satin gave us a touch of the Simpsons i think…

I know the kids have seen the twilight movies and am wondering in Anthony was somewhat influenced by the aesthetic!… There are so many more to show, will have them all in the site eventually.

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