local tourism and undavalli caves…

So there is pretty much zero tourism in this corner of Andhra Pradesh other than Indian religious tourism around the Krishna River and here nearby in the Undavalli cave temple in the Guntur district near Vijayawada. A Hindu temple excavated from the rocks around 5th Century AD, it is a spot for locals and schools to spend a Sunday.

Not many western visitors…am asked for my autograph several times…!!!

my “duran duran” moment – giant prone god carved out of the rocks

FYI, The caves are associated with the Vishnukundina kings of 420 to 620 A.D and  are dedicated to Anantapadmanabha Swamy and Narisimha Swamy.

It’s also a great place for monkey spotting, you just need to climb a little into the surrounding hills…

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