more indian beauty hints….

Please forgive the erratic nature of these posts…the internet this year is a “challenge” it comes and goes at will and is very VERY slow…Posting becomes almost impossible sometimes…however with patience it can be done…erratically…!!

Ok, already posted about the many uses of the neem tree here, but found some new ones…

Tiny branches (the neem is has antiseptic properties) are used to keep earring holes in ears and nose open when not wearing earrings…

Hibiscus – the leaves are gathered, pounded with a little water and rubbed into the scalp and hair. Its left for and hour or so and then rinsed out. It’s very good for dandruff and itchy scalp.

Here the pounded hibiscus leaves have been mixed with a little curd (thick yoghurt) to make a pack and this lady left hers on for around 6 hours.


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