sunday sari best…

I visit the catholic church in Gannavaram. Have avoided it for the past 3 years…an hour and a half service in Telegu does not inspire…even with my thirst for seeking out new levels of catholic kitsch.

I was not let down. The church though poor is decorated Indian style in a myriad of colours, lights and flowers.

…and the women…decked out in their Sunday sari best (ladies on one side, gents on the other)…were so beautiful. There was even a live band…one and a half hours flew past…Apparently they pull out all the stops for midnight mass on 24 December…am seriously considering it…

communion at Infant Jesus Church, Gannavaram

2 responses to “sunday sari best…

  1. At the risk of writing ‘amazing’ on every post…amazing! Beautiful colours.

    MVP I will KNOW if you steal that crucifix plus lights for your sitting room!

  2. …not stealing but maybe taking some notes on interior decoration! And yes, the colours are stunning and even more incandescent in the flesh…cheers A. x

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