walking and tumbling boys…

More on that walk from the previous post…I took some of the tumbling boys i blogged about last year. I gave the boys a camera and they took some great shots.

I have to have eyes in the back of my head as they get up to all sorts of shenanigans…but i really love these boys and they never ask for anything, just a bit of your time and attention. Sai, one of the younger ones hugs me very, very tightly every 5 minutes or so…i am a little concerned as he is very attached to me and upset at the idea that i will be leaving after Christmas…so am i for that matter…

all the boys around here are obsessed with michael jackson…

That’s Eswar looking to camera, he is 16 and a half orphan as it’s know here in that his mum is alive but very poor and in ill health, she is a labourer on building sites but is in and out of hospital. Eswar grew up in the orphanage. He is one of the brightest boys i know, also very funny and very kind with the smaller children. I am happy that he considers me his friend.

Watch out at the end for some rather fantastic dance moves…


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