My brilliant students from 10th Class excelled themselves in Illustrator this year. They were in my original photography classes in 2009 and now they are leaving school in a few months. Am so sorry i won’t be teaching them any more, they are bound for college and greater things i think…here is some of their work…

by Ranga

by Raja

by Ravi Sagar

I also taught 3 older girls Illustrator with the idea that they will pass on the skills to younger kids when i have gone. They also did some great work. I gave them some of my photos to manipulate:

Tessy’s version of EUR in Rome

Satya’s psychedelic vision of Daddy’s Home school

Ramya’s vision of a view from the Milan Salone


5 responses to “illustrators…

  1. Very interesting. Am sure these skills will be useful, well done 🙂
    btw EUR! Fabulous

  2. what beautiful designs!!

  3. beautiful typography!!! I love the hands!

    • i know! and i showed them a nice piece of graphic typography as an example to inspire them but they came back with much much nicer original work than the original example i showed them, they are brilliant!

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