Passed this magnificent kolam only to discover it is the work of the mum of two of my students – (maybe 20% of my students are village kids living with their families but attending the orphanage school) anyway am making a mental note to film her drawing it next time i come to India…

Meanwhile in Gannavaram folks are preparing for a puja –a religious ritual performed by Hindus as an offering to various deities or distinguished persons. You can perform a daily puja done in the home or it can be a temple ceremony or even a festival…

Meanwhile just a wee bit up the road you can have your clothes pressed by this nice man for a few rupees. My mum says they used the same kind of irons when she was a girl in Galicia…

4 responses to “puja…

  1. Guapa! your posts lighten the cold and dry days in Madrid with ony bad news and savage conservative neo-liberal measures implemented all over southern Europe…take care and keep up the light transmission!

  2. hola sally!!! thankyou for your kind words of support…the blog is a labour of love…for sure it also sucks in the uk!! keep on keeping on…
    m x
    ps any new films on the way?

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