ossobuco vs xerrete…

A few posts from Galicia follow, as i went there directly after India…and as the weather was terrible and i was in the middle of nowhere, my thoughts (naturally) turned to food…well my mum’s food to be precise…

I posted about a mythical plate of ossobuco i had in a Milanese restaurant once…and Italians sure know what to do with ossobuco, but my mum can match them with her Spanish take on this cut of the hock of beef or veal…Xerrete vs Jarrete*

* Xerrete is the Galician term for the hock (ossobuco) or Jarrete in Castillian (standard) Spanish

How to cook it:

Marinade the meat (preferably overnight) in chopped garlic, black pepper, some herbs like parsley/thyme/oregano good olive oil and white wine.

In a heavy based frying pan brown the meat till golden, meanwhile prepare another pan with olive oil and one roughly chopped onion and half a red pepper. When the meat is browned add it to this pan…

and strain into this the juices from the browning pan. Now you can add some salt and some saffron infused in white wine. Give it all a bit of a mix and add some good stock till the meat is half covered. Once boiling, cover the pan and put  in a slow oven to cook for an hour and a half or until the meat is tender.

Once the meat is tender, you can remove it from the sauce and set it aside then add some peeled potatoes to the sauce, replace the lid and place back in the oven till cooked, right at the end you can add some peas to the potatoes if you like.

Arrange the meat with the potatoes and serve:

This recipe works well for any kind of meat – chicken – veal – lamb…to create the classic Spanish dish of “carne asada”.

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