getting lost in ventura, lambrate…

grafitti in lambrate

Ventura, Lambrate are areas in Milan – a bit less central than the rest of the Fuori Salone, but there is still a lot of stuff there. Actually there was a lot of controversy around the decision to give Ikea a gi-normous warehouse space in the area to “present” their new collection…which looks pretty much like any Ikea store really….WHATEVER…I ignore them and pursue potentially more interesting stuff…getting lost a lot on the way.

My crazy world by Emmanuelle Legavre

Face to face by Brian Fransten

I tend to like carpets used in art, think it’s the best place for them, hate them on the floor…here danish carpet manufacturer Ege carpets teamed up with designer Brian Brandsen to create this three dimensional carpet excavation/drawing… face to face.

Figura installation by Heike Buchfelder

This is not an umbrella by Rakso Naibaf

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