shopping in betanzos…

Bread in Spain can be a hit and miss affair…but in Galicia it is really good. The traditional bollo or torta, made with strong flour has an open texture, an extremely crusty crust and lots of yeasty flavour…and there are still plenty of artisan bakers in Galicia like this Panederia (bakers) in Betanzos where they cook their bread in giant wood fired ovens made from stone…

Got this jug and little bowls (see below). They are traditionally what Galicians use to drink ribeiro wine from. I bought them from the brilliant ironmonger “A cabeza do cabalo.” (Galician for Horses Head!)…The current economic crisis is so bad in Spain that small towns like Betanzos are full of empty shops for rent but these guys have been around for more than 130 years and so far are still going strong…

3 responses to “shopping in betanzos…

  1. Hello, we are Raymond and Ignatius hardware store, we want to sincerely thank your words about our business, which opened in 1877. Thank you very much, so check back if you return to Betanzos.

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