biella again again…

official Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto Brochure

…sometimes i feel like my life is a bit like groundhog day, in that i keep living the same situations over and over again…with that in mind, am back in Biella again…again working for the UNIDEE artists residency (which i myself participated in, in 2004) for 4 months as collaborating artist on staff, running the official blog (link to be posted soon) and also coordinating the final exhibition/open studio (yikes!!!). So we are a skeleton staff this year but lets see how that goes. So far so good, i think we have a great group of artists to work with…keep watching this space…

our beautiful BEAUTIFUL workspace inside a converted woolmill on the banks of the Cervo river.

Showing the residents around the various spaces of Cittadellarte – that giant woolly apple is a work by Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Took some of the group along Gorgomoro where you can swim if you like in clear but chilly mountain water. The woods are green, green GREEN with the most beautiful light…after it rains you can find the most incredible mushrooms  (see this previous post).


2 responses to “biella again again…

  1. Hey Marga, you never stop!! I hope it goes well this year… lot’s f love from Madrid!!

  2. Thanks Sally…if last year was on a shoestring, am not sure they have invented a term for this year!!!! thanks as ever for the nice words!
    M xx

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