Guardare se stessi guardarsi (Watching yourself watching yourself) by Masbedo

Went to an art show at an old factory space on the road to Oropa, it’s only about a 3 km walk there from Cittadellarte, but up a very steep slope. Takes about 40 minutes to get there. I go with most of the UNIDEE residents and i think we surprise a lot of drivers who are not so used to seeing a dozen or so pedestrians making their way up this winding road with no pavement…but we all survive in tact. Anyway, it’s worth it for the space alone…all crumbling walls and pillars…perfect for video projections though in the end the art often takes second place to such imposing architecture…

The show is called Paraphernalia and is produced by IDEA (which in italian stands for “Industry Dedicated Essentially to Art) which was founded in 2009 by Luisella Zignone and Ferdinando Botto Poala

performance by Masbedo

Actually i really liked the drony discordant musical part of the performance, the musicians are from experimental Italian band Marlene Kuntz i filmed a little bit (badly)…see below:

5 responses to “paraphernalia…


    Hey Marga!!!!
    Hope everything is going aaaaaaawesome (lol) there at UNIDEE 2012! Really nice warehouse this one! Is the same place we went last year right?

    • ciao rapha!! is is the same place, but this time we went for the opening so it was a lot more lively and also there were live performers. BEAUTIFUL space! thanks for droping by
      m xx


        cool! lookes great! And how’s UNIDEE going? Took a look at the blog this weekend, I missed UNIDEE like never before, funny feeling. Enjoy a lot for me! bacione!

      • all good rapha…i know its very weird the first UNIDEE after your own one…feels very odd. New people running the kitchen by the way, food very VERY good…you would like it!!


        Cool! I’m glad everything is going well and you guys are being treated with nice food!
        I’ll keep sending good vibes from Babylondon!

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