white lightning…

Been trying to photograph lightning for years and finally managed it. We have just spent a few days with the UNIDEE residents in the La Pigna quarter of Sanremo (Liguria). We will be spending a week here in August on a kind of of mini residency inside the 4 months at Biella…but i will explain about that in the next post…Back to the lightning…So i was lucky enough to have ace filmmaker/photographer Shah Zaman at hand, so he helped me with settings etc,  so the following photos are a collaboration between Shah and myself:

This one above is actually the last shot we took, the lightning having been very far off in the distance suddenly got much closer to us, lighting up all the surrounding water, so in the name of wanting to live till tomorrow…we legged it!

5 responses to “white lightning…

  1. amazing! I never could be on time taking photo of lightning. how you did that?

  2. thanks Kate, the most important thing is to put the shutter on the B (bulb) setting which allows you to keep the shutter open for as long as your finger presses the shutter button. You press, hold and wait, the second after the lightning strikes, you let go (learned this from Shah).

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