la pigna mon amour…

the church top centre denotes the highest point of La Pigna…

So like i was saying, i was in Sanremo for a quick location scout. Why? Because the art residence i currently wor for, UNIDEE has been invited by the local residents association La Pigna Mon Amour for the 3rd year running to come and stay with them for a week and do some art/interventions/interactions regarding this problematic and compelling area. Here is a glimpse of our first 2 day stopover:

La Pigna by night

So La Pigna is the somewhat forgotten medieval centre of the glitzy seaside resort of Sanremo. Down in the modern quarter it’s all tacky seaside Italian style with beach umbrellas, fun fairs and one of only 4 casinos that exist in Italy. Here, the bourgeoisie and über kitsch live side by side. While only a few minutes away in a parallel universe up a hill we have La Pigna. It is achingly beautiful with narrow winding streets designed specifically to lose the invading hordes over the centuries. It is built on  steep inclined steps (no cars can fit there) with ancient medieval gates, the smell of urine, drug dealers, normal folks, a few yuppies…all going about their business…It has a bad reputation and the Sanremese population don’t tend to go there, they say its dangerous, dark, smelly..inconvenient. The big question is  what to do here for a week that engages, does not exclude, is not patronising, has some kind of resonance…it’s not easy…we will be back in August and i will keep you posted…

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