la pigna flora…

Amongst the steep, narrow and dark medieval streets of La Pigna, plant life is everywhere, from the inevitable reclamation of nature any time a space lies dormant for a while, to squatted gardens, to beautiful internal courtyards, to GIANT ancient trees at the top of the territory…

Hidden from the outside; courtyard gardens, beautiful hidden spaces, but like most of La Pigna, all is not as it seems, it’s surrounded by apartments, you hear a mentally handicapped adult crying periodically, you hear heavy rock music playing, you hear someone shouting at their neighbour to “shut the f**k up” …and then i guess everyone else can hear us in the garden…

So the inner courtyard (above) is wonderful for sure but my favourite thing round here is found outside on the public street as a solution to the lack of a private garden :

…these ladies have no garden so instead they created this impromptu vegetable plot on and in anything available against a wall in the street opposite their home, they yield tomatoes, courgettes, beans, every kind of Mediterranean herb…It is so beautiful… ladies i salute you!

These trees are at the top of La Pigna and must be the oldest things here, I am told it is a Ficus Benjamina (weeping fig) – if anyone knows better, please let me know…they also get a great view…

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