learning from the experts…

We recently spent 2 days working with Borut Šeparović. Borut (a founder, artistic leader, director and choreographer of theatre-art-media group Montažstroj) came specifically to help us with the development and methodology of the conception and activation of what UNIDEE 2012 will do in La Pigna (marginalised ancient centre of flashy-trashy seaside town of Sanremo) when we go there for one week later on in August. And boy did we need him, the idea was to decide if we can act cohesively together in some kind of artistic intervention as a group in order to create a more lasting impact on the territory.

La Pigna by night

La Pigna centre of image on the hill surrounded by Sanremo

This is easier said than done, meetings can go on for ever without conclusions, especially when you put 10 artists together trying to make decisions but always remaining too polite to maybe express entirely what they feel…skirting around issues….being too nice!

So Borut comes into this playing the role of (in his words) the asshole/ bastard who enforces a series of rules for the meetings, and points out in a very direct way the flaws and weaknesses in some of our proposals…forcing us to be more constructively critical…This can only be done really effectively by an “outsider” to the group someone who will not worry too much about hurting any individual’s feelings and will force us not to take criticism personally.

Each meeting has a moderator (always someone different) and everyone has to raise their hand and take their turn to talk, the idea being that no-one talks over one another and that there are no two-way discussions that exclude the rest of the group. No monologues allowed either! Sounds a little draconian but it is effective. Post Borut we have continued with his methodology and we now have a collective plan and strategy for La Pigna!!! Won’t say what it is yet, but will blog about it as it happens later in the month.

us “blending in” at one of 3 sets of ancient city walls in La Pigna (this one is over 1000 yrs old)


2 responses to “learning from the experts…

  1. That first pic is so unique, love it.

  2. Thanks for your commment, La Pigna is kind of amazing at night, maybe not the safest of places… a lot of dark narrow alleyways, but it is truly atmospheric.

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