seaside italian style…

So the Italian middle class are a lucky lot…families tend to hold on to their houses from generation to generation so that often, as well as the family home, there will also be a house at the seaside and also maybe even one up in the mountains…With great good fortune have been regularly invited over the years to the tiny village of San Rocco in Liguria to one such family home, perched high up on forested hills over-looking the Mediterranean…

San Rocco perched on top of the hill – mid photo

Below San Rocco is Camoglie; the less chi-chi (but still eye-wateringly expensive) neighbouring town to Portofino…

The beach Italian style…you pay money for the umbrella or you tough it out under the remorseless sun on the shingle…folks here don’t seem to be bothered by the masses and like their beaches CROWDED!!! This is not a particularly busy day!

panorama of the beach at Camoglie, click on image for a better view…

To get down to Camoglie from San Rocco you descend 220 meters down some stone steps passing through olive groves and the backs of people’s houses, on one of the walls i found these little figures inserted into the mortar, some are tiny, the size of my thumbnail…

Oh yes, and camoglie has a fish festival in May that involves cooking fish on a MASSIVE scale! the photo below shows to old frying pans! Fact!

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