what happened in La Pigna…

So back to my art residency shenanigans…UNIDEE became UNIDESCO for our one week stay in La Pigna, Sanremo, this August (20-27). A kind of week-long performance/odyssey…we were a group of 16 and operated as an art collective experimenting with a democratic process led methodology…Phew! We worked on this project with STEALTH.unlimited were also greatly helped by a previous workshop with Borut Šeparović. So i will go into more detail about the work in general in the next few posts and what we actually did there, but for now you can look at the film below which is a visual record of some of the things that happened…

Film/photography and edit by Margavp
extra photography by Alecia Neo and Karl Logge
Music – “Dumbeek Dance” by Pete Calandra freeplaymusic.com

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