daily rituals…

Carrying on from the previous post:

To engage with the public and to advertise our presence as well as to invite people to our public event at the end of our stay, a daily ritual was performed in La Pigna and Sanremo during the period of 21-25 august. There was also a strong performative element to this daily ritual. It was noted that we made more impact and provoked more interest when we moved as a group dressed in the uniform of UNIDESCO. Each day different members of the group took turns to plan our route and what we might do during our procession through the streets, sometimes it involved a declaration of our presence and an invite to join us in Piazza Santa Brigida for a public debate on 25 August (in Italian, Arabic, French, English…) using a portable loudspeaker, another time it involved unfurling the UNIDESCO banner at Piazza Cassini, the main gate of La Pigna…

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