zen in the art of archery…

…zen in the art of archery…well not exactly but karl khoe (one of the UNIDEE residents this year) is using it as a kind of “fantastical”  guide and starting point to his art work The Target in Darkness.

(don’t let the pastoral ideal of this photo fool you too much…in a kind of a metaphor for life:  in order to get to this lovely place we have to walk 15 minutes along a dirty, busy winding road with a sheer drop on one side and a steep incline on the other…and nowhere really to walk…dangerous and not so nice…)

Am one of the participants in this piece, and my duty is to meet regularly for archery practice to, in the artist’s words, “aim not for perfection in the sport, but to create a practice of reshaping the internal self through taking on new skills and sharing esoteric ideas”. I do like my job at UNIDEE due to its non repetative/highly unpredictable natue, such as these sessions in a field towards Pralungo at dusk with the biellese mountains in the distance…and a lot of mosquitoes whose aim is better than mine…

archery practice with karl khoe and marta romani:

film and edit by margavp with extra photography by karl and marta

film still by Karl


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