spaces in between, more biennale…

As usual the big hitters from the art world are here, Olafur Eliasson had several small interventions occupying the small overlooked spaces in between:

Olafur Eliasson, Fan, Little Sun Lamps 2012

In the Hungarian Pavilion the subject is the architectural model, they feature hundreds of student tenders from Hungary and the rest of Europe… i like this one:

In the Nordic (sometimes Swedish) Pavilion…am not really sure what is going on…“Light Houses: On the Nordic Common Ground” invites 32 architects from Finland, Sweden and Norway born in 1962 (the year the Nordic Pavilion was built) to present a model of a conceptual house that reflects their philosophy…so there you go…

Haugen/Zohar Architects – “Adaptation

..In the Russian Pavilion installation “i-City” they had gone techno crazy, several rooms consisted of wall to wall QR codes…

You get a tablet at the door, point it at any of the QR codes and an architectural project pops up…but it’s fiddly and annoying…am having technical problems and the same project keeps popping up…and i don’t want to view projects on a 10 inch screen!!!…i could stay home for that…i want spectacle dammit!!! It’s true that the light and space created by these collective QR codes are maybe spectacle enough, i would rather just absorb this than look at little tablets…

Full marks to the German Pavilion, i really liked their clean, minimalist installations for “REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE”. An installation about the reuse and reinterpretation of existing buildings. Captions for the projects were on the same raised platforms used all around Venice to allow people to still walk around the city during times of flooding (aqua alta). I liked this quotidian reference to the city…

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