tiny thai pavilions…

…I loved these, the Thailand Pavilion in the Arsenale presents 100 ideas that can provide people with a common ground. The exhibition, curated by Apiradee Kasemsook, Nuttinee Karnchanarporn and Tonkao Panin, presents 40 boxes identical box structures. Inside, the boxes were designed by different Thai architecture firms, designers, lecturers and students. Each one intends to speak within its own logic.

Common Collage” in Thailand Pavilion at the Arsenale

Of course the good thing about coming late in the Biennale season is the lack of crowds, but on the downside, you can find things dead (plant installations that cant take being indoors for months for example) or not working such as the illumination of half of these little boxes…

Inside the boxes:

He’s not in focus, but that’s Michelangelo’s “David” perched atop the egg boxes…who knows what it means!!!

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