flying and the humidity of other climes…

Time for a change of scene…am flying to India to work on art labs i run for children and young people there. See here to check out the previous years work. Am happy to be going, Edinburgh is dark, rainy and freezing and my stubborn refusal to waste what precious little money i had on something as mundane as a heating bill means staying at home would involve one longgggg, colddddd winter!

good views flying over London

…airline food, i know i shouldn’t but i kind of like it…:

lamb saag for dinner…

masala uttapam for breakfast…

Am going to near Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, which involves a flight from Edinburgh to London, then London to Hyderabad and then a small propeller plane (JET, as sadly my usual Kingfisher flight has gone under…hope the beer still exists!) from Hyderabad to the tiny tin pot airport of Vijayawada.

Normally i arrive to a blistering heat that hits you like a wave, but this time i left in the rain and arrive in the rain…but to tropical rain, we just caught the tail end on some typhoon and humidity is around 100%…nice…my hair is just loving that…Flooding is not nice in rural India…it brings up all sorts of nasty stuff to the surface…literally…and me with flip flops and a pair of trainers…to be continued…

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