surrealism in the classroom…

I always start of my lessons with some kind of name project, this time i got the kids have to make mirror images of their names. This in turn has to be turned into another drawing, anything that inspires them depending on the shapes the letters form. At first this was very hard for them, quite an abstract concept…but they got it eventually and produced some fantastic surrealist results…

This one by Ganga is my favourite i think, its beautiful…and he got the concept immediately.

…another great effort by Satin…

Venkatesh (who has come on leaps and bounds with his work from last year) made a house fly from his name!!!

2 responses to “surrealism in the classroom…

  1. I’ve seen this before but I like how you’ve taken one step further and created a surrealistic drawing.

    • I did it when i was a kid too, but i really wanted to push the kids to find something inside the forms of their names…to go qo little crazy with their imaginations . The Indian school system is based on a rote system of read and repeat, am really trying to get them to use a different pat of their brain. Thanks for stopping by!

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