indian beauty: mehendi artist…

A young man was applying mehendi (henna) onto hands and feet outside a supermarket in Vijayawada. To do these intricate hand drawings he was charging 250-300 rupees (around £3). I watched him do 3 sets of hands (about 6 minutes per hand), he never stopped or hesitated once and he never made a mistake, the work is incredibly intricate.


On the down side, for the client, you have to not touch anything for around hour till the henna dries and can be washed off, you are then left with a stain of the design that lasts for a few weeks. Unfortunately this process is impossible for a fidget like me i think…anyway you can see the whole process (speeded up) below…


5 responses to “indian beauty: mehendi artist…

  1. mehndi a symbol of our culture and tradition 🙂

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