more indian beauty: indian beauty parlour…

Am taken to the beauty parlour of choice by an Indian friend, in block of flats in Vijayawada.

P1070278It’s much like any small business you might find in someone’s apartment, we have to take our shoes off at the door, walk through a living room and into the parlour…

P1070275the beautician and her assistant – it’s a Hindu household , the yellow markings on the door and the Muggu (welcome drawing) on the floor are the clues…

P1070238the view of Vijayawada from the window

some treatments on offer:

P1070251Threading – the depilation method of choice round here…30 rupees (35p) for eyebrows. Not too painful, very effective and an absolute bargain!

P1070269Split ends costs 100 rupees (£1.14) – hair is sectioned, twisted and the split ends that stick out are snipped off with scissors…it takes a LONG TIME.


I in turn get the best pedicure and foot and hand massage for 500 rupees (£5.70) i ever had, it takes over 2 hours and is worth every penny. Everyone in the parlour marvels at the fairness of my skin…i on the other hand am embarrassed to reveal my pink mosquito bite splattered legs…they want my skin and i want theirs…brown, smooth and with no blemishes…oh well…


P1070267the beautician tells me they also do weddings and with that shows me her own beautiful wedding photo from 1981 – but it could be from any time really…

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