end of the world as we know it…

So you know how Dec 21 2012 was supposed to be “the end of the world”…

Michelangelo Pistoletto orchestrated a large scale international artwork called Rebirth-day which focused on the date of that 21st December. This date is thought of by many cultures to be the end of the world. Michelangelo wanted instead to make the day a celebration, a kind of a rebirth and optimism for a new and better future. Many people and institutions collaborated with him internationally to make art interventions and events on and around the 21st of December. I was invited to participate and seeing as i was in india then, i wanted to involve the orphanage where i was working as it is a place for second chances, a kind of a “re-birth” for the children whose lives are turned around by going there. In this sense it seemed to me to already exist as a symbol of the philosophy that surrounds Rebirth-day. On the 21st December we had a small exhibition at the Butterfly Hill orphanage to celebrate Rebirth-day and mark the end of 2 months of art labs for the students of Care and Share’s schools.

Also, I wanted a Muggu (hindu welcome drawing – see previous post) made specially to welcome in Rebirth-day so I asked Mounika Gandikota, a local village girl and one of my most brilliant students whom i have taught for three years now, and who along with her mother and sister make these beautiful drawings nightly, to make these 2 Muggus for this occasion.

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