beasts of the eastern firth…

HUGELY excited…whilst walking across the Forth Road Bridge…pictured below…


…spotted this creature swimming in the murky waters of the Firth of Forth (well my eagle eyed pal spotted it first, to be accurate), never seen one in this area  before. It was small, dark and on it’s own…wondered if it was a harbour porpoise??

P1180084 P1180087 P1180088 P1180089 P1180091 P1180092

From the bridge its quite a distance looking down, but you could tell the creature was small, and also much darker (almost black) than it appears in my photos…dolphin or porpoise…does anyone know?

“Harbour porpoises are the smallest cetaceans found in Scottish waters. They are also the most abundant cetacean in inshore waters, being found all around our coastline. They tend to be alone or in small groups, although they may form larger groups in areas where there is an abundant food source.”

I filmed this from the Forth Road Bridge, the noise and the shakiness is comes from the vibrations from the relentless traffic thundering past:

…also spotted in same location, the seldom seen and extremely timid female smurf…


2 responses to “beasts of the eastern firth…

  1. judging from the back fin and behaviour that is definitely not a dolphin and most probably a Harbour Porpoise.

    Nature Otti

    p.s.: you’re one jammy nature spotter seeing the timid female smurph in the same spot!

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