back at the horses head…


Homage to a beautiful shop in Betanzos, Galicia “A Cabeza do Cabalo” i try to buy all my ironmongery there! Established like the card says in 1877 and still run by the same family (see past post).


P1170828…original line-up, not so much has changed, the space and counter are the same, only the counter top has been replaced when it became too worn and was too low …


P1170845 P1170841

They also have collections of historical objects like these beautiful local gaseosa (lemonade) bottles…marvellous!

2 responses to “back at the horses head…

  1. Such a cool place!! Everytime I’m near I can’t help to stop and stare at their shop-window.

    • thanks for the comment, i love the place and if i need to buy something i try to buy it there, i really respect and admire their sense of history, we need more places like this!!

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