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how a building sits into the landscape…

…and following on from the previous post, i thought i would include a few images of how the Ciudad de Cultura (City of Culture) sits into the Santiago de Compostela landscape…(mostly taking from speeding cars hence the not so great quality):

P1180638 P1180651 P1180650 P1180643

city of culture in suspense…

The Ciudad de Cultura de Galicia (City of Culture of Galicia) sits perched atop the Mount Gaìas hill near the ancient centre of Santiago de Compostela, the half finished folly of now dead politician Manuel Fraga. . Millions and MILLIONS were un-popularly ploughed into various monolithic palaces of culture…till the city couldn’t take any more. So it now lies half finished with 3 of the proposed buildings now finished and functional and the rest…well a bit of a building site. Some stunning architecture…but maybe not right for these economically challenging times… The city of culture is the brainchild of American architect and purveyor of “modern deconstructivism” Peter Eiseman.

(click on image for a better look)

I first went 2 years ago (see here) and was curious to see if anything had changed…well now there are monolithic remains (halted years before completion) to go along with the finished structures. It is a strange place, VAST in scale, full of space, part monument, part building site…and i have the whole place pretty much to myself…

click on the panoramas to get a better look:

Who knows what will happen to the less picturesque unfinished parts but for the time being all work is suspended and half finished constructions will remain that way:


it’s all about that hat…


Herminda (see previous post) thinks am nuts (and possibly a pain in the ass) ‘cos i keep taking her photo. Am outside gardening, trying to help out but keep my camera at hand ready to leap into action…

Photographed in rural Galicia, NW Spain

she knows how to grow stuff…

Herminda is 76 years old, she has worked physically hard all her life, like anyone who has a bit of land in the Galician countryside, she knows how the land works and she knows how to grow stuff. She is around 4 feet 10 and strong as an ox and says as long as she can, she wants to carry on working.

tortilla de maiz y chicharrones or what to do with that maize flour…

…So you have ground your maize as in the previous post (or gone to the supermarket and bought a bag!). What to do with it? Here is something super old school and Galician you can do with your maize flour. Tortilla de maiz y chicharrones  is a bit like a cross between a thick savoury crepe and a flattened Yorkshire pudding made from a maize rich batter and flecked with onions and confit pork (the aforementioned chicharrones). With the inclusion of pork, this dish would have been a bit of a luxury in an ordinary countryside household at one time, far more likely it would have been made with just the batter and maybe a few onions and/or some pork fat. ANYWAY regardless it’s fantastic comfort food, though quite wintry and heavy…so save the recipe for chilly times:


a little pork lard (for frying)

some sliced pre fried (but not coloured) onions

some chicharrones (or try some fatty cubed pancetta)

300 g maize flour

150 g strong plain flour

2 – 3 eggs



These ingredients are approximations, for method see short film above.


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